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This elephant experience was EVERYTHING!

"I only wish I could spend more time with these beautiful creatures.

The handlers are well informed, and you can tell they have a really special, trusting bond with the elephants kept here at the moment. The handlers were able to answer any and all questions about elephants that us as a group had, and you got the feeling the elephants are happy in their care.

Harties collage Kelsey Glasier

When I asked about what happened if the elephants didn't want to participate in the visits for the day, the handlers responded - "Then we don't do it! We don't do anything the elephants don't want to. They just wouldn't go for it" - something I know that a lot of other animals "visiting" centres ignore and force their animals into co-operating.

The elephants allow you to touch their ears, under their belly, their tails, and even under their feet!

Harties kiss Kelsey GlaserThe best part of it all was I got a kiss from Temba, one of the male elephants there who is super playful.

 I loved this experience so much I came back again the next day, where we had the opportunity give the elephants a good brush down- such a wonderful way to get up close and personal with them.

I would love for a more immersive experience at the sanctuary, but my time constraints for my trip were limited such that I couldn't work as if I was having a "day in the life" of a sanctuary handler.

 I am so thrilled these elephants have been taken in at this sanctuary after experiencing their hardships, and are being set up for a successful, self-sufficient life ahead." 

Kelsey Glasier

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The Elephant Sanctuary Hartbeespoort Dam

February 2020




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